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need an opinion....

dale_bdale_b Posts: 6
edited January 2014 in MTB beginners
hello, i havent done any mountain biking in nearly 6 years and want to get a bike to ride the local trails and bridal ways on. ive ruled out a full suspension. so a hard tail is what im after. after a couple of trips to halfords and a few local bike shops i liked this bike....

boardman comp ht 650b ... yId_165499

but after a quick browse tonight ive found this ....

vitus zircon II ... -prod81012

it looks a better spec bike to me and cheaper.
im just after another opinion on the bike and i think i need a 20inch frame as im about 6'1/6'2?

many thanks dale


  • UliUli Posts: 190
    Vitus has better spec and it is cheaper. I guess it is down to the fact it is 26" inch bike. Unless you really need new "ultimate and the best of all times cos we say so" 27.5"(...or was it 29") then go for it.
  • dale_bdale_b Posts: 6
    ive just ordered the Vitus mainly down to the spec of the bike, i couldnt care about wheel size but there is alot more tyre options for a 26" wheel anyway.

    cant wait for the bike to turn up.
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