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avid brake adapter

stir88stir88 Posts: 124
edited January 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, I have just changed from a fox fork to a rockshox pike fork. The fox fork had i.s mounts for the brake caliper but the pike has got post mounts so the adapter from the fox isn't going to fit the pike. I have got 2 questions:
1. Is the new rockshox pike able to take a 203mm rotor
2. Is this the part i need to fit the caliper onto the fork to allow for a 203mm rotor - AVID Adaptor 40 P Std. for front / rear 200mm.
Thanks for any help. Cheers


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    1: as per the web site no issues.
    2: which pike? What year if the info on the website/manual says 6" post mount or does it day 8" post mount?
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  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    Thanks for reply Nick. Its the pike rct. I've just looked in the user manual, which doesn't much it just says use a post style disc mount but doesn't state which size
  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    I can't find the info on whether its a 6" or 8" post mount so i've been in the garage and offered up a 180mm rotor to the caliper and it won't fit, there needs to be a gap of about 20mm. Does this mean its a 6" post mount.
  • stir88stir88 Posts: 124
    Hi Nick, i have just found your article, disc mounts an explanation.
    Ok, so i have 6" post mounts. Will the above, AVID Adaptor 40 P Std. for front / rear 200mm fit this fork.
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