How tight should my road shoes be?

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Just upgraded my road shoes from a cheaper (Spesh) pair that closed with 3 velcro straps to a more pricey (Spesh) pair that uses a ratchet fastening. Both pairs are size 46 so I'd expect to feel no difference in the fit, especially as they are both made by the same manufacturer.

The new pair feels much tighter and I could swear the toes are nearer the end with them too. Is this my imagination or are road shoes meant to be that tight?? The old pair had the option of SPD-SL and SPD cleat bolts on the sole, so I'm guessing they may have been aimed at touring riders.

Getting a bit paranoid that I may have bought a size too small!


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    It's not really possible for anyone to tell you how your own shoes should fit. It's down to you really - if you're not happy, return them.
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    I ended up buying a size larger than I would normally. They're not meant to be tight

    Interesting thread here... ... ing.50849/
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    Sounds to me like I need a size 47
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    Personally I wouldn't buy shoes without trying them on. I've done it before and even within the same brand the fit can be very different for any given size.

    As for how they should fit, they should be secure and comfortable. If they're not both of them then they're either the wrong size or need adjusting with regards to how tight you do them up.
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    I can't stand loose fitting shoes. Although I wouldnt want my foot touching the end. Aslong as they're not causing ou any pain then I'd say they're fine.

    Also, check your insoles, you new model will probably have different insoles to your old ones, which could take up more volume in the shoe. Easy to replace insoles. The Specialized ones are quite thick, you could try something thinner?
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    It sounds like you had the old sport ones that are a more relaxed fit, I have them too and got some ratchet ones in the same size which fit me perfectly but are a bit tighter. The insoles are the same but it is important to get the right one depending on the arch of your foot, the stock one is for flat feet.
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  • Snug, is probably the best word to describe it.
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    lewiskinch wrote:
    Snug, is probably the best word to describe it.
    ^^ Sounds about right to me. :)
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    Snug, but too tight and they'll restrict bloodflow and they'll be murder. Unlike running shoes, your foot doesn't move in the shoe so less worry about big clearances at the end, but you don't want the feeling of toes touching the end. The most important bit is snug fit of heel cup - you don't want any movement and the strap should hold the heel firmly. Also remember your feet swell slightly after you've been riding so you need a little expansion room. Most decent bike shoes are made from materials not designed to 'give' so don't expect them to stretch either - if they feel tight, they'll likely stay tight.
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    Yeah, they felt tight around the ball of my foot - too much grip there. Tried them on at home at normal room temperature so would most likely be painful after a few hours riding.

    Luckily Evans have agreed to replace them with size 47.
  • I just bought a new pair of Specalized shoes, tried a few 43's on which is my usual size.

    The Comp version was to small around the toes, tried the Expert version on and it fitted perfect....

    Same make "should" be the same size but very different.
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    Bear in mind that the feet swell with exercise so a snug fit from the start will be uncomfortable later in to the ride and if too tight, you risk getting a ganglion which is very painful to walk with let alone ride. I'm a Euro 42 but usually wear Euro 43 cycling shoes. I bought a pair of 43 Gaerne Platinum carbon but found them too tight width wise within 30 minutes of riding. Loosening the ratchet strap just made the heel loose. I've just changed to some 42.5 DMT Prisma with an Atop tightening mechanism. They're like slippers compared to the Gaerne's and width wise spot on. ... Itemid=199
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