Rollers or Turbo??!! (Sorry!)

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Had a little windfall, going to treat myself to a new trainer. I've had a turbo before (Bobby basic model) but never tried rollers.

I'm quite drawn to the thought of rollers, better work out? Develop smoother pedalling style? (Or is that bollocks?)

I've got my eye on some Elite Arion Digital Wireless rollers (extra discount at Ribbles). It'll either be them or a Tacx Flow Multiplayer turbo.

Anyone got any thoughts?

I want buy something I'd not normally buy (haven't had a turbo for years). Following an accident a few weeks ago which resulted in several broken ribs I'm just getting back on the bike now however my confidence has taken a massive nosedive, which sees me staying in rather than going out in weather that wouldn't stop me in the past. Hence I'd rather spend the cash on a nice trainer, probably rollers but would appreciate some advice.


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    If your heart is set on rollers, you could do alot worse than these, advertised on this forum and no connection of mine:


    Before taking the plunge however, particularly as you are currently recovering from broken ribs, you should do a search on YouTube where you may find some clips of people trying rollers out, sometimes with very painful consequences. Personally, unless I had a very spacious set up with padded matresses either side, I wouldn't go near rollers! I'm sure they are fab, but I can't believe you in your weakened state should go near them.

    Turbos are also quite ghastly - I have a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro which I think is one of the better models on the market and perhaps one better suited to your needs. To be used in conjunction with a good quality fan and stereo or tv/ dvd entertainment to distract you from the suffering!!

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    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the reply. Thankfully I'm healing nicely, I get very little pain now so nearly as good as new. Desperate to give rollers a go, if only because I had a turbo year back. Might make some enquiries about those rollers you kindly linked to :wink:
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    If you're new to rollers, try in a hallway where you can put your hand(s) out to the walls either side. Find a gear that will allow you to pedal circa 17mph with relative ease on them... ...and easy on the steering!
    Try & focus on a point dead-ahead.

    ...and don't suddenly yank on the brakes! You get spat-out backwards at whatever speed you were doing! (allegedly!)
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    I'm a rollers fan, they allow you to focus on pedal technique and adopting a smoother stroke, also to work on faster cadence. The balance factor means you have to stay focused - I have mine in my garage lying between a door frame so if I do overbalance its only a foot or so to rest your shoulders not he door frame. They take a bit of getting used to at first - it feels a bit like cycling on a frozen pond, but after a few sessions you'll be doing 20, 30, 40 min sessions no problem, riding one handed and swigging from your water bottle on the move. By putting the bike in its biggest gear you will get a fair amount of resistance though maybe not as much as you can dial in with a turbo, rollers are better for cadence training, and they have certainly helped me with technique as well as stamina. Just got to stay motivated and be imaginative about your workout sessions.
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    Turbo. Lets you into a whole new dimension. Trainer Road. Sufferfest.

    Rollers are nice - but not for hard sessions.
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    cougie wrote:
    Turbo. Lets you into a whole new dimension. Trainer Road. Sufferfest.

    Rollers are nice - but not for hard sessions.

    This. Some of the Tacx trainers are now wireless meaning minimal set up and no leads across the floor and work with an App on iPad. Alternatively connect to a PC. Personally I'm happy with my i-Flow VR trainer. They're magnetic rather than air or fluid so certainly not noisey and not having to fath about with resistance settings during a workout as the machine does it automatically is a bonus.
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    cougie wrote:
    Turbo. Lets you into a whole new dimension. Trainer Road. Sufferfest.
    ^^This, more options IMO.