Canondale Caadx Mudguard Fitting

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I've just been trying to fit my SKS chromoplastics to my 2013 CAADX but the supplied screws and bolts don't fit the bridge and fork mountings (the mounting behind the bottom bracket was fine). Does anyone know what size bolts I need to get. Contrary to reports I've read the fitting process seems simple other than this problem. Thanks in advance.


  • kentphil
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    On the rear bridge I folded the mount over the bridge and attached it with one of the supplied bolts that way. With the front guard I went to my local car parts shop and he had a longer threaded bolt that fitted nicely.
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  • Pross
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    Cheers, I did the same trick with folding the bracket over but the bolts seem to be too large diameter to fit the pre-drilled holes. I couldn't get the bolt to go in by hand and was reluctant to force it. Maybe the thread has just got over-sprayed - I'll give it another go.
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    On the back I drilled a hole in the guard and put a washer and a bolt through and screwed it up into the frame bridge (it is threaded) Be sure and fit it up to find exact place to drill.