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Surface to Air

fielonatorfielonator Posts: 100
edited January 2014 in Routes
I'm after some advice about Aston Hill's Surface to Air track. I've ridden the red route there but this one hadn't been built yet.

I can get down most trail centre stuff, and can ride Antur Stiniog blue run without any bother. Will I be out of my depth on surface to air or am I making too much of it? I'd be riding my 160mm AM bike.



  • UH DHUH DH Posts: 4,160
    From what I've seen, most of it is rollable. There are a couple of smallish drops, couple of feet maybe. Not sure if they have chicken runs or not. It looks like it's possible to build up to doing the bigger stuff on it.

    I'd try out some of the other stuff there first, an if you're going to be doddering down S2A, maybe aim for a quieter day, in case you meet someone bombing down it.
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  • Pesky JonesPesky Jones Posts: 2,986
    Yeah there are only two big drops to watch out for, one u can walk round I think and on the other there's a chicken run. Yeah go on a quieter day you will be fine!
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