headset ball bearings

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i have a cube attempt 2010 and i need to replace my headset bearings, at the moment i have caged ball bearings but want to replace them with loose, does anyone know what size they are, i have left the old ones at work and i expect the OCD brigade have cleaned up and thrown them out!
Cartridge bearings are an option but that is for next month when i can take it to the LBS.
I have seen sizes 5/32 and 3/16 would it make any difference if i used one or the other?


  • JayKosta
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    If you can't determine the size of the OEM bearings, then take the top removeable race with you to the LBS to 'test fit' the new loose bearings.
    Also, loose bearings are inexpensive, so maybe just buy several sizes....

    If the fork movement feels 'notchy' then examine the races for pits & dimples, new bearings might not solve the problem - it might need a complete new headset.

    Jay Kosta
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