SKS Raceblade Long on 700x28c tyres

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Hi all,
I want a pair of long clip on mudguards, and with 28c tyres I don't have clearance for Crud Road Racers. So that leaves the SKS Raceblade Longs. On the SKS website they say they're for 18-23c tyres, but I've found reference on various reviews to people using them with 25c's without problems. So has anyone stretched them to 28c's? Can the SKS raceblade longs be used with 700x28c tyres?


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    Can't 100% confirm or deny it, but as I've just this very day fitted a pair of Raceblade Longs to my Via Nirone, I can tell you that the fit for my 700x23 tyres is fairly snug - I can imagine possibly getting 25's to fit, but I cannot see there being clearance for 28s.

    It's a shame, as they look to be pretty good bits of kit.
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    I run 25's on winter/training bike and they just about fit. I can't see much room for a 28
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    They ain't gonna fit 28mm
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    I have them with 25c they wont fit 28c

    I think there is possibly a wide version though that will do up to 32c
  • Thank you for your replies. As I feared. SKS do a Race Blade XL, but they only give partial coverage - they don't go forward of the front fork, or forward of the rear brakes.
    Basically it means there is currently no full length clip on mudguard option for 700x28 tyres.
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    I'm going to muddy the water here coz I've got them on a frame with 25mm tyres, and there's plenty of clearance IF you undo the allen key bolt on the bits of the guards that clip on to the bits which are attached to the QR skewer. By loosening those bolts you can extend the length of the metal rods which attach to the guards, and therefore the amount they clear the wheel and tyre. I can upload pics later if that doesn't make sense.

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  • I can categorically state that Raceblade longs imo humble opinion are an absolute waste of installation time and money. I Was on a club ride yesterday, admittedly they kept my buddies behind me and my rear pleasantly dry and spray free but the bike was completely tarnished in mud and road debris. I have since removed the guards after just one outing due to the afore mentioned reason and the constant cacophony of inadequate noise suppression they fail to deliver. People may have experienced more favourable results but its back to the drawing board for me. That's just my two pence worth. I know it wasn't the OP's question but couldn't resist it. They have just sufficient clearance for 23mm wouldn't want to go any bigger.
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    Adequate clearance is more about the frame rather than the guards themselves
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    I have standard (18 - 23c) raceblade longs on a Spec Tarmac with 25C Gatorskins. Very good IMO, there is plenty of adjustment as said previously with the allen key fittings, you can also move the brackets that hold the mudgaurds to the hub towards the rear or bottom of each guard to gain more clearance on the tyre. In my opinion they will fit 28's but not all of the spray maybe captured from the sides of the tyre. I suspect the 28 tyre maybe wider or the same width as this guard.

    As previously said before the bike still gets dirty but I think this depends on how close you fit the the gaurds to the tyres. BUT they keep ME and club members dry which was my main reason for mudguards. I think the bike will get wet / dirty with the very best of gaurds.
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    Monty Dog wrote:
    Adequate clearance is more about the frame rather than the guards themselves

    Yep - the front guard comes very close to touching my downtube cables when set up for 25mm tyres, so you'll need to factor that in as well.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.