It Was Deeper Than He Thought !!

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Out for a ride with my 9 year old today, we did a loop that we did 2 weeks a go, when as he described it was hell, it was all up hill, he quite excited as he would have a easier day and at the start of the ride there is a huge great big puddle that I made him ride round the last time, he asked can I go through it this time, I did say to him if you get wet your going to be cold all day, but you know what kids and water are like.

It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, he took off at it and nearly disappeared spluttering and wobbling he managed to get to the edge and jump off with out ending up in the middle of it, when I pulled the bike out the front wheel was covered in stinky mud and the water was running out of the drain holes in the frame for a couple of minutes :lol: kept me smiling all day.


  • Id like to say your cruel but id of been on the floor pissing myself
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    The best way to learn is to cock it up once. I bet he will think twice next time.
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    muddpuppy wrote:
    Id like to say your cruel but id of been on the floor pissing myself

    I know what you mean, he fell off into some bracken when I came back he said " Thanks dad for helping, can you just get the bike off me" no problem son just got to take a quick pic first :D
  • Haha, fantastic! Been there myself a few times up in the hills in Wales.
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    I did a similar thing a few months ago - some of our local trails have had forestry works going on, so the fire roads got trashed. Loads of holes and puddles in them. Rode through a few of them no problem, that is until I ride through the one that came up to the top of my forks!
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