Garmin/Cateye Compatibility

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Looking to purchase a Garmin Edge 500 to replace my Cateye V2C but wonder if I need the whole bundle.

Reason being that I've already got a cadence sensor which came with the Cateye and a separate Decathlon heart rate monitor (CW300 Kalenji).

Question is are either of these devices compatible with the Garmin, or has anyone had any experience of mixing and matching?

Many thanks


  • dabber
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    Not with Cateye but I've had a Holux (which is ANT+) for some time and just got a Garmin 500. I've successfully paired and used both the old Holux HRM and Cadence Sensor with the Garmin.
    No idea if the Cateye is ANT+ but if it is, it should work OK.
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    The Cateye isn't ANT+ so it's a no-go
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    Thanks Dabber
  • Bazzowmb
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    Thanks NeXXus, that's the end of that then, at least I now know.