Shimano 105 RH Shifter Malfunction

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My first post on the road forum.

I picked up a Giant Defy Advanced 2 last year with a 105 group set. Very pleased and everything has been fine.

I was out the other day and went to change to the smaller sprockets using the 'inner' lever and nothing happened. I was suddenly aware that the whole lever mechanism (including the brake lever) was not where sit should be and I was able to give it a nudge and push it all to the right and everything worked fine. However every time I went up to the larger sprockets (using the full mechanism), although the shift was fine, the lever would not return and was sticking.

I have had the hood off and flushed it thoroughly with GT85 etc but to no avail. It works fine if I push the lever back but kind of defies the point! Any ideas or are its days numbered?

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    Have you checked the cable is seated properly? I'd probably release it from the RD and check it's not fraying in the lever.