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Hello there ! Im Dave from Royston herts, i am a complete novice to mountainbiking and am looking at getting into it to get a bit fitter and enter some events. After a few weeks of searching the net debating what bike to get i have singled out the voodoo hoodoo as it was rated best beginner bike -high end and all the reviews i have read have been good. Im going for the 20" frame as im 6ft 2 . what are peoples thoughts on the hoodoo?. only worry i have is as i have not got any knowledge of putting these bikes together i would be getting halfords to do it and the employees arent exactly experts from what ive heard.. are they quite easy to put together? im a gas engineer and have done plumbing and heating for 7 years before that so am used to using tools etc..
any feedback would be great!


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Good bike and very easy. You don't have to put them together, just check it over as you would any bike from anywhere. Read Parktools below.
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  • thanks for the reply after looking further all the good reviews were to the 2012 model with suntour raidon x1 remote lockout forks. they have downgraded the new one so it has raidon x3 fork for some reason. Went into the local halfords and lets say the staff didnt seem that competent so decided against the voodoo and have decided on the trek 4700 d from evans cycles 21.5 frame who will build the bike for me which i am alot happier with as they are actually a bike shop lol also i can test ride it to make sure im completely happy before i take the bike away.guys there have been excellent
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    Don't assume on sizing,

    i'm 6'2" and end up ona medium 17.5-18" on most bikes because of reach! sit on them and try them out you maybe suprised at what size you actually need. Sizing on a mtb is far more variable than a road bike so just don't trust any sizing guide sit on a bike and see how it feels!
  • Wish i had read this before i have now ordered the bike and pick it up this weekend. not a problem if it is wrong though as the shop has said i can test ride the bike to make sure it is ok and it can be returned within 90 days. fingers crossed it is all ok :)
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