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Insurance for my bike when racing

MunzyMunzy Posts: 349
edited January 2014 in Amateur race
My road bike is a specified item on my home insurance. However it is not covered for damage or loss when racing where there is prize money (that's every race then!), even local or amateur races with £10 prize money.

Now I have invested in a new bike I'm happy to insure it separately but I'm having a hard time finding a company I have heard of or get any feedback about - I don't want to go with some 2 bit guy in an office who never honours the policy or claims.

I see Evans has it and at least that is a company I'm familiar with

Can anyone give any feedback or experience of companies they have used?


  • TakeTurnsTakeTurns Posts: 1,075
    Why not go with BC? Assuming you race under BC regs, you'll get a discount too.

    Haven't had to claim yet so can't say.
  • MunzyMunzy Posts: 349
    Cheers TakeTurns, I didn't realise BC did insurance for the bike, nice one :)
  • bucklesbuckles Posts: 694
    Give's an example of how much it costs eh?
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  • marykamaryka Posts: 746
    More importantly, for those who have claimed, how much was the excess? And how much did your rates go up afterwards? Need to factor that in as well. Could be paying upwards of £800 in a crash. Compare that to £100 to fix a carbon frame or wheel...

    I still go by the "don't race what you can't afford to replace". Never bought insurance, never will (not for racing).
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