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Hi all. I started a topic on 18 Dec 2013 ref subscription offers asking if anyone had had any problems with them. I have now come full circle with my offer and thought I would put a few words there to let you know how it went and, perhaps, spread a little caution before parting with your cash. I subscribed to Cycling Active as they had a winter jacket as part of their offer. The small print stated that first 120 would get the jacket. I phoned the subs line and was told twice that there were 11 in my size still available, brill, :D so I signed up. After money had gone from my account and the mag had arrived I phoned up about my jacket and the very helpful young lady told me that it had been despatched 25 Nov, please give it 28 days for delivery. Phoned mid December to be told that it had been despatched 2 Dec and should allow 28 days etc. After some discussion the guy told me that it was a 25 Nov despatch and he had got his words muddled up also told that if it hadn't arrived by end of year maybe some compensation could be arranged, beginning to sound dodgy methinks. :? Called just before Christmas to be told that 28 days is not up until 7Jan 2014, and no sir it isn't a con, honest. :P Called again 8 Jan 2014 to be told that it should be with me in next few days can I wait another week? No. :evil: asked them to refund money and cancel subscription. Hour later a 'manager' phoned me to ask if there was a problem with my subscription? :shock: After giving him all the ways that I had been fobbed off he told me that a) it wasn't a con it was a genuine offer to the first 120 subscribers and b) I shouldn't have been told that there were any in stock when I ordered. He did not agree with me when I suggested that maybe was that so every subscriber could be told that they were not on of the lucky 120. :cry: He agreed to cancel the subscription and refund any outstanding funds. What surprised me though was that at no time did he ask about me returning the jacket, that was a genuine offer Sir, and was despatched to me on the 25 Nov 2013. :roll: Maybe he knew that it was never going to arrive! Sorry for such a long rant and I hope that non of you have had a similar experience but if you are about to subscribe may I suggest you think twice. If it looks too good to be true then maybe it is!


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    I think you might struggle to get anyone to read this - paragraphs and white space are soothing on the eye, not dense text.
  • I subscribe on zinio. No jackets anyway.
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    Buckles wrote:
    farrina wrote:
    I think you might struggle to get anyone to read this - paragraphs and white space are soothing on the eye, not dense text.
    I read it, lack of paragraph spacing not a problem, probably quicker to read than it would have been with paragraphs.

    You probably need to practice reading more :wink:

    Random smileys every couple of sentences aren't adequate compensation for enormous paragraphs. Oddly, it reads as though it is a single sentence even though there are actually about a million full stops in there.

    Does seem pretty poor customer support though. They've obviously had good fob off lessons.
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    Cycling Active is part of the same empire as Cycling Weekly, a mag which is going down the pan rapidly.
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    Is the 'marketing company' that handles the subscriptions separate to the mag or part of it? I'd call the mag direct and tell them what happened, but I agree its a completely unacceptable situation. And the manager who called you is a c*nt.
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  • I subscribed last year and the jacket arrived promptly, great it is too.

    So if the jacket arrives, will you keep it ? :D
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    I'd like to know what carrier takes 28 days to deliver something.
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    That post makes my eyes hurt so I really can't be arsed to try and read it :P
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  • I've taken the same offer and my jacket hasn't arrived either.

    I do have an email from ipc media (who I believe are the publishing house) telling me that I would be getting a jacket and it will be dispatched around the time of my first payment (which has now been taken).

    If it hasn't arrived by next weekend I'll get on to them.
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    I blame Wiggle....