Slight resistance from BB/crank - Scott CR1 Pro

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May not be the best subject description but I'll try and elaborate and can't find anyhing on this using the search function

I've a 2011 CR1 pro with full Ultegra group set and also a Boardman with SRAM (GXP) BB

When I spin the crank (without chain on) on the Boardman , the crank does a good have dozen revolutions or so before coming to a stop

When I do the same with the Scott, it will do 1 revolution then stop. This is giving me the impression that it harder to turn the crank

Is this normal or does it need some lube of sort?

The bike hasn't done that many miles as it's my good summer bike

Thanks for any thoughts


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    The seals on bearings create more drag when they're new. So new bottom brackets will always spin for a shorter amount of time off-load than older ones, all other things being equal.
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  • Sorry - previous post should have said a "half dozen" rather than have dozen! ;-)

    Probably covered maybe 1500 miles so probably neither too new or goosed

    I may take a look at the pre load bolt but if it needs specialist tools, I may put her into the LBS just before summer for a wee service

    Cheers for the advice

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    I wouldn't worry about it unless it's making grinding noises or there is side to side play. The extra drag will be infinitesimally small compared to the other forces you're overcoming when out on the road. Anything else is your imagination.