Lower back pain?

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Hi, I'm just getting back into mtb for 2014. Currently riding twice a week.
But I'm noticing I'm getting lower back pain.
What could I do to help this, when riding I always feel the bars are a bit low, but that the way mtb seem to be.
I find I have to stop occasionally to have a good stretch.


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    If the bars feel 'a bit low' then they probably are. Raise them if you can - alternatively a shorter stem to bring them closer may also help.

    Could you drop your saddle a little - may also help?

    If you've not been riding for a while - could be that you're just getting used to it again?

    Working on your 'core strength' is likely to be beneficial (and not just to your riding) too
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    Core needs work

    There's a book called Core Advantage that you should read
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    No simple solution really

    Hit the gym (or just your living room) and do simple core exercises and strengthen your core, a stronger core will enable you to naturally take some of the pressure off your back and into your core

    I've also found lower back specific training helps, go easy on this if you have persistent pain as it could just worsen it.

    I'm not sure what equipment you have access to but squats and deadlifts will help with core as well as legs.

    Also try some stretches pre ride and try some foam rolling, it could just be tight glutes and quads are putting strain on your back.. There's plenty of lower back/mtb specific foam rolling videos on YouTube.

    Hope this helps, I'm speaking from personal experience
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    Unless you have had back problems after a couple of weeks the discomfort should go. If after a few weeks the bars still seem too low then look at raising them, also see if you are too stretched out as well. Depending on the bike moving spacers down or fitting a new stem will help with the bar position.

    Have a read on bike setup to give you an idea.
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    I would definitely suggest putting a cold compress on your back. This will not only get down any internal inflammation you may have, but it will also help relieve the pain. I suffer from pretty bad scoliosis, so whenever I sit or stand for long periods of time, my lower back always ends up hurting. I use this wrap called BFST (blood flow stimulation therapy). It won't help heal my back (as it is meant to heal soft tissue injuries) but the increased circulation helps get rid of the stiffness and pain. I love it. Hope you find some relief soon. I know how awful back pain can be.
    http://www.kingbrand.com/Lower_Back_Pai ... F=1105PV59