Working off the festive excess!

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The wife and I have somewhat over-indulged (wine, mince pies, chocolate etc) over the last 4 weeks, and have a few lb's to shed ...

Basic plan for January:
- no wine and beer
- eat less
- eat healthier
- exercise more.

We're both pretty active, and know what a healthier diet / lifestyle looks like, so not looking particualrly for advice on that score ...

However, how long will it take before the effects show? The new regime started 6 days ago ... so far, my weight has plateau'd, and my wife's has continued to increase slightly!! :roll: :roll:

is there a time-lag effect here, ie does your body continue to add weight for several days from the previous 'over-indulgence', even after stopping the over indulgence? How long would it normally take for a healthier and more active regime to start to show results in terms of weight loss etc?

Cheers ...


  • You can get an effect almost straight away but remember day to day changes are usually influenced most by how hydrated you are so it's a bit hit and miss.

    Best thing to do is measure consistently eg first thing in morning before breakfast. Then keep records over time.

    I'm in the same position as you guys and it seems to me that controlling what you eat is the most important thing and that there are at least one or two views on what is best for weight loss. For instance, I do quite a bit of exercise and didn't realise that I should really be eating more protein and less carbs (or least get the balance right). So be careful about assuming that you know what a good diet looks like - obviously you might be perfectly right :)
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  • dont cut out anything. use them as an occasional reward or treat. and dont expect miracles in 6 days.