Buying an adventure bike... with Force 22

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Dear all,

I am considering buying a do it all 'adventure bike' that will become a light tourer/ winter trainer/ occasional cross machine/ gravel bike et al.

Two frames are tempting me, the Kinesis Decade Tripster, or the Cinelli Hobo. I like the geometry and versatility of both bikes.

However, am I mad to be considering buying a complete SRAM Force 22 groupset for such a bike (on offer at Merlin Cycles)?

Nice to hear thoughts of others. Essentially I want a bike that I can travel with (possibly go camping) yet still nail some climbs on.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Oh and before someone suggests buy a Genesis - I've already ruled the Croix out.



  • rafletcher
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    That groupset would be fine for winter training / crossing. No good (or certainly sub-optimal IMO) for touring/gravel. For a "do anything" bike fit a triple.
  • imrmike
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    Just to clarify - for the most part the bike would be used mostly for light off road, winter, and some cross (I live in Belgium so I gotta try it sometime!).

    I like the idea of being able to stick a bag on a pannier and being able to disappear for a weekend though...