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rudivoller22rudivoller22 Posts: 492
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I know they are probably unpopular but we are about to have an extension built meaning I will lose my garage for 3/4 months. At the moment i use the turbo when I can't get out (usually at night after kids in bed etc) so looking to get a cheap ish spin bike to use while turbo is inaccessible.

Would welcome suggestions - dont really want to spend more than £150-200 as wot use it a lot if at all after extension built. Any one got any experience of something like this: ... 2?pi=SS115



  • tom3tom3 Posts: 287 ... 359129.htm

    I went for this one in the end as the flywheel is bigger so works well coupled with the manual resistance. Works great for me because the wife wanted something she can use too.
  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    In my experience the best ones are Schwinn or Star Trac, particularly their NXT range, you might be able to pick a secondhand one up for your budget.
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