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Which tyre?

#david2012#david2012 Posts: 275
edited January 2014 in Road buying advice
Just treated myself to some RS81 C35's
Can't decide which tyre would complement the wheel ? :?
I'm running gp4000s on my c24's and been happy enough with them , but anyone got any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance


  • What is the width of the rim?
  • What is the width of the rim?

    Reviews say 20.8
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Without going super sporty, an alternative would be the Michelin 4 Pro Service Course. There are great offers to be had on them. Alternatively, if you are happy with the GP4000's you could do a lot worse than to stick with them.

  • That was one of my considerations peter, seem good value at the moment
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