Narrowed down to three - Fuji / Trek / Specialized

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I am looking for a new road bike to replace my 8 year old alu Dawes Giro 500 with Sora gears. I get on fine with this but its time for an upgrade. I only ride for fun at weekends (30-40 miles) and the odd sportive (60 - 80 miles) which I would like to do more of this year. I want something good enough that it doesn't immediately need upgrading. I have no plans to race, want carbon frame and have a budget of £1200 (£1300 at a push).

I went in to the local store of Evans today which I know doesn't always have a great reputation. However, the chap I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable and really seemed to guide me to bikes that suited my needs. He recommended a handful, told me to have a think, speak to some other enthusists (where you guys come in) and then make a shortlist of two to three that I can then try.

I have narrowed these down to:

The Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5 (£1,240) ... e-ec053293

The Specialized Roubaix Sport Compact (£1,200) ... 1#features

The Trek Madone 3.5 C H2 (£1,300) ... e-ec040347

He basically advised that the first two would have the comfortable geometry that should suit me (he did stress should) and that I am looking for with a good enough spec. He did also tell me that the Madone may be a bit too aggressive (the domane is not within budget) but that it may be worth a try and it is one of the best deals they have going. Having read the BR review, it seems that they would agree that its not overly aggressive set up.

So if anyone has any thoughts on these five bikes above, if you own them, or just have anything else to say on my current shortlist, please let me know.


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    Don't own or have ridden any of them but the Trek definitely looks worth the extra for Ultegra.
    A test ride is ideal. My Giant TCR Advanced SL frame has a race geometry but it's comfy enough for me so don't be put off.

    Happy shopping :)
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    you'll be lucky if there are any of these left by the time you've decided. The Spesh is already sold out apart from midget sizes.
    If it was me, I'd take the Trek.

    Oh,looks like the Trek's sold out too.

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  • For a £1200 bike the groupset on the Roubaix is a total joke, id give that one a miss and would be looking at a trek domane myself.
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  • I rode a Trek 3.5 on holiday in Mallorca and thought it was an excellent bike; so I'd get that; but it appears you are already too late unless your branch has some in stock.

    If I were you I'd get down there and buy something today!
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    Ok, so I popped in today and you are all right. The Trek is out of stock.

    I had a look at the Spesh and just dont like how it looks.

    That leaves me with just the Fuji for now. BUt I may consider a couple more shops now. Possibly looking at a Cube later on today.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Why are you after something with a relaxed geometry?

    I commute on a tricross and can ride it all day, but much prefer the tarmac for speed & distance riding.
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    If you're set on trek and not after 56, pedalon list other sizes as in stock: ... -2013.html

    It's listed at £1250 here too. Good luck with it. H2 isn't an overly aggressive geo. I can't comment on the other two on your list though.
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    Slowbike wrote:
    Why are you after something with a relaxed geometry?

    I commute on a tricross and can ride it all day, but much prefer the tarmac for speed & distance riding.

    As I'm after it for sportive, leisure riding, most of the advice I have been given is that I should be looking at more relaxed. I'm not to interested in speed.