Insurance,at home and out on bike?

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Which Insurance type/company do you guys recommend? I would be interested in insurance for my bike while it is stored at home and also for insurance while out cycling, to cover the actual bike and whatever else is recommended.



  • BrandonA
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    How much is your bike worth?

    A lot of home insurances cover bikes upto a certain value when they are stored in a garage (mine pays up to £1000 per bike). My home insurance covers my bike to its full value when it is stored in my house.

    I decided not to get insurance for when I was riding as the quotes I had were higher than it costs to insure my car.
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    Mine is on my home policy when indoors. To get it insured outdoors was a good deal more than the insurance on my BMW despite living in the Highlands rather than central London!

    Don't forget liability insurance in case you hit someone, even killing a wing mirror can be very expensive if you're at fault. British Cycling do insurance and legal protection for 2-3 quid a month plus other benefits. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • My home policy covers my stuff anywhere it is in the world.

    And it covers me for squillions of stupidity.

    Nothing special. Policy is with Axa.
  • pilot_pete
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    Specific bike insurance can be very expensive. Last time I looked they wanted £450 pa from me to cover one bike value £3000. Add my other two bikes and it just seemed ridiculous. I pay less car insurance for a 3.0l BMW. Granted a bike is probably easier to nick, but the car is worth more than all three bikes and I am more likely to harm someone else or their property in my car than on a bike.

    Home insurance policies vary, so check the covered value per bike, especially if your bikes cost more than about £1000 each. And of course make sure you can comply with the small print like where they must be stored....probably find a shed would not suffice.

  • Just insured my new Felt Z5 (£1500) with my home insurance, it cost £12 for the 6 months remaining on my policy, this includes accidental damage, the only stipulation is that outside of my home when left, it has to locked to an immovable object eg lampost etc. There is also no stipulation as to which lock you have to use. This was with LV.
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    British cycling for outside liability. A few quid extra on my home policy for a named value item also insures abroad. Usual stipulations. Seems to be the way most people go ...
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    My home insurance with L&G covers 3rd part liability, theft and accidental damage anywhere in the world. includes commuting but excludes racing.