Internal Cable Routing on a Chinarello

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Hi, I just ordered a frameset from Greatkeen Cycles which has internal cable routing. Is anyone here familiar with how internal routing works on this Chinese carbons, or an actual Dogma? Do I need to run full length cable outers through the frame. Cable kits only come with 2m of outer, so I need to buy 2 brake kits and 2 gear kits to do a whole bike internally? Or is there some kind of lugs inside the frame usually that hold ferruled cable ends to allow for exposed cable inners inside the frame?


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    yep cable stops in the frame so you terminate the ferrol and just pass bare inner through the frame

    or at least thats how it was on the 3 chinarellos i have built up for people
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  • Oh ok cool. And the bare cable passes out the bottom of the downtube and bends around the bottom bracket housing over that plastic guide? Won't that cause friction and wear?
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    In my limited experience internal cable routing doesn't shift as cleanly. I've heard that using the latest Dura-Ace 9000 cables and sleeves helps as they have a silicon (or similar) lubricant. Might be money well spent. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    9000 cables and the insides of the housings are coated with an EXTREMELY low friction polymer. Incredible cables, the set costs £55 I think but I'd still get them if they cost double that.

    The housing is just their standard SP41 housing. PTFE liner, silicone grease. That's not to say it's not really good by any means.

    I don't know what their cables are coated with. I'm not a massive fan of coated cables. If/when the coating detaches it tends to collect in the housings and bind the cable, plus it sometimes makes achieving good clamping at the derailleur end a bit of a pain. More of a problem with the higher loads on brake cables, admittedly.
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    Recently the front and back shifting on my Ultegra 6700 equipped bike got so stiff that I decided to change the cable-set.
    After about 8 months of use, the rear shift up the last 2 cogs was so stiff.
    Front shifting was equally bad.

    I changed the cables to the new DA9000 gear & brake cables.
    It's like getting a completely new drive-train..... So smooth and sleek.

    I am now convinced that most of the trumpeted improvement in shifting from Ultegra 6700 to 6800 is down to the new cable-set.

    The new DA 9000 gear cable-set comes with the following:
    Gear cable outer (liner): SP41 silicone greased outer cables(not PTFE).
    Gear inner cables: Polymer coated inner cables (not PTFE coated anymore). Apparently the polymer coating does not rub off with use as does PTFE. So Shimano recon that the sleekness will last for much longer.

    Brake cable-set is as follows:
    Polymer lined SLR brake cable outer (liner): This is now polymer coated.
    Polymer lined inner brake cable.