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Computer files knowledge sought

apple eaterapple eater Posts: 302
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I have a broken Kobo reader which has for its memory a 2gb micro sd card. The kobo is beyond repair (smashed screen) but the unit works via usb on a pc etc.

I run a windows 7 laptop and a ubuntu laptop.

On the memory card there are 3 partitions. It is a 2gb card.

On ubuntu laptop the card is being read in the following way

kobo ereader = no files, the properties tab on this shows 137 mb used with 1.3gb free
recoveryfs = about 12 locked folders, 155mb used with 91 mb free
268mbvolume = no files 268mb free

The above are the three partitions on the card.

What i want to do is delete all the files so that i can use the card as extra memory in my mobile phone.

Ubuntu won't let me format the disc and won't let me change the locked files to oopen ones.

Windoze only reads it as one drive at 255mb with 0 files on it. It will format the 255mb space but that's it. The other 2 partitions are invisible to it.

Any ideas how i can clear this card and have the full 2gb memory for my phone?
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