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I took delivery of my new bike on Tuesday, I was building it yesterday & have a (probably rather silly) questions if any of you could kindly help me?...... I’m not the best when it comes to bike maintenance!

I am looking to use my set of American Classic Aero 4 wheels on the new bike. My old bike was a Felt AR5 105 groupset – 10 speed & the Cervelo is now Ultegra and 11 speed, looking on the web it would appear I can buy a new hub to accommodate putting these wheels on, could anyone please advise what one I need?

Many Thanks for all your help.


  • You can put 10 speed onto 11 speed wheels. You cannot put 11 speed onto 10 speed wheels.
  • It depends whether your AC are already 11 speed compatible (you will then have 2 spacers before the cassette, a wider one and a narrow 1 mm one) and if they are not whether it is possible to fit an 11 speed freehub.
    Normally it is not possible, but AC might be the exception.
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    Thanks guys, it would appear that my AC wheels are 11 speed compatible, I have ordered a Shimano 11 speed freehub that I believe can be swapped, over. will take to my LBS to do though.