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Trek X-Caliber 7

TCottleTCottle Posts: 65
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Fairly new to this Mountain Biking mularkey... But I've had my Trek since August '13 and have been rather enjoying it!

Only change to it is some SPD's, which I'm still getting used to... and falling over a lot at low speed :D

I wasn't intending to spend £600 on a beginners bike, but struggled to find something decent that would be a good fit - Being 6'8'' and around 18st... My local bike shop sorted me out with this on a 23'' frame and I'm very pleased with it.

I'm also glad I got a 29'er - it felt more in proportion with my size.

Looking forward to getting out on it more in 2014, with the prospect of a Full Suspension once my skill improves!



(Harlestone Firs - Northampton)


  • TCottleTCottle Posts: 65
    New tyres fitted today! No more sliding and falling off! Well... not as much anyway :D

    They are Continental Mountain King II's.

    I thought they were really decent, much more grip than the previous stock Bontrager XR1's.

    Few pics of new tyres and todays ride around my local - Harlestone Firs.

    (I'm still very noob)

    I'm tall, so the seat is pretty high! I lower it once I get to the good stuff :D
  • buddy_clubbuddy_club Posts: 935
    Running a Mountain King on the back wheel of my voodoo, had no issues so far and definitely better grip then the Ardent it replaced.
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  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Nice bike ;)

    At 6ft7 I know what it is like trying to get the right sized bike :)
  • heavy_ratheavy_rat Posts: 264
    What's Harlestone like? Nice bike by the way
  • TCottleTCottle Posts: 65

    The Firs? It's alright - Pretty flat though.

    There's a few decent bits of trail - I'm still discovering new stuff now.

    It's been good to learn on, but I think I'll be needing a new challenge soon! I think Woburn and Chicksands are next on the list - They're closest!
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