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Convert a lefty to conventional forks or not

mc_hawkings24mc_hawkings24 Posts: 51
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Hi i have a Cannondale Rush with a dlr2 lefty fork but it needs a service really as I let out alot of the oil.
Looks like a few places are dropping lefty servicing so I reckon with sending and receiving my fork back its going to cost £200. Although I like the lefty I think a conventional fork could take abit more abuse (being a dlr2 and not a lefty max) and cost less to maintain as I could take it to a local shop and have it serviced. Would love one of the newer lefty's which use the fox bushes and don't need a needle reset (from what i've read) much less maintenance but are ££££

Anyway I don't want to spend a ton of wedge on forks maybe 150-200, Rockshox reba, recon? I've read the max fork I can use on a rush is 120mm so thats what I need..
I also need a front wheel but I'm not sure what type of hub I'm supposed to be looking for, bolt through axle?

Obviously the easy bits like stem and headset reducer and easy enough to find



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Be aware you will need a C'dale specific reducers to the rest it all depends on the fork you get but I would buy a wheel rather than go for a wheel rebuild.
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  • Hi mate I thought there was going to be a mix up when I said "hub" mybad, I meant in general what type of wheel should I be looking for? I also have six bolt rotors on my current front wheel so would like to re-use them if I can. ... 1423.l2649

    I was also looking at these headset reducer parts, cheap enough.

    What sort of choice forks should I be looking for?

  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Recon gold or Reba to budget are the go to options at that price, the latest Manitous are also worth a look.
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  • 02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
    fox rl or rlc - if your budget stretches, be sure to get correct fork for the adapters - latest forks have tapered steerer meaning the top and bottom adapters will have different intenral diameters.
  • Hi guys thanks for the replies I've been been looking at reba rl and rlc and fox 32. Seen alot of fairly new fairly decent £350 forks going in my price range. I didn't know what tapered steerers were until I saw them on ebay but now that explains the strange steer tube Giant anthems are running :D

    I went out in the surrey hills at the weekend for a 5 hour ride and the lefty felt ok so abit undecided and I do like the look of the lefty
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