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buying new road bike...1st

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Because is my first post here, and I couldn't find right place to open this topic I hope this is place on forum where I can start.

OK, Im here because I heard that people here know a lot about road bikes especially.

Im very close to buy my first road bike soon but still can decide where to go...I read a lot articles found online about bikes and road cycling, but still have my mind bit confused about all this stuff. Im not fresh into cycling, most of my life I spend on MTB bike, so that can be bit hard for me to share time between those two, but I think it can be fun to ride on strictly road bike.right?

I am about considering new bike such as T3a/T5a or something second hand, but as far as I read everyone say that T5a has similar set up as bikes for much more ££ , down side of buying 2nd hand is that likely hard to find something decent in local area [ try before buy ] and usually prices finish close to £500 - boardman comp, trek 1.1 , spec allez . So that's why I thought about Triban 's.
And gear in mentioned bikes are slightly different than this on MTB so Im bit confused what is better : )

Maybe someone would be happy to help ? :)

if triban, which one? is it worth to spend £130 more over the price of t3?



  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,212

    Seeing as you did not receive a response to your post I suggest you try again with a new post Titled

    B'Twin Triban 3 or 5 first bike?

    There will be people on this forum who have these bikes and should be able to advise you.
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