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Sad Way To End A Year

pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 21,927
edited December 2013 in The cake stop
I am well aware of how these topics go, but still.....

Genuinely funny satirist John Fortune, R.I.P.
The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
I am not sure. You have no chance.
Veronese68 wrote:
PB is the most sensible person on here.


  • Shame, I thought the two Johns were hilarious. R.I.P.
    Tail end Charlie

    The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Me too... RIP
  • A decent innings and provided some good laughs for people to remember, can't ask for much more than that.
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