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Tubeless Advice Halo Vapour.

PaulkingkPaulkingk Posts: 689
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Hi Guys.
I have recently built a wheelset using the Halo Vapour 29er rims. I have fitted a rear tubeless ready WTB Prowler and the non tubeless version on the front. I had been running these with no problems on some non tubeless rims getto style for some time ( split in half inner tube ) have now come to put these tires on the tubeless ready rims using the Stans tape method however i couldn't get any air to stay in. I had some Gorilla tape laying around and have now tried this method but this also won't seal even with a few layers on. Help. I have had a fair amount of experiance with full tubeless set ups from Stans and getto style set ups but just can't get this to work. Am i going to have to go getto style on a tubeless ready rim? Whats the point in that. Or should i be doing something different with the halo rims?


  • If you say the tyre is tubeless ready and so is the rim, I'd suggest once the tyre has inflated to use a lot of soapy water to find out where it is not sealing then get that to come in contact with the sealant.
    If your losing air after a day or two, just reinflate and keep riding. The bead will eventually find it's proper place to seal.
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  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Could you get them to seat properly?
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  • unfortunately it doesn't seem to be sealing anywhere. the tyres seem quiet loose. I can't get any psi to stay in them.
  • PaulkingkPaulkingk Posts: 689
    Hi guys after leaving the tires off deflated for a few days they sealed up pretty good. Would like to say the guys a Halo were very helpful and replied quickly. In the end I put a tube in as they suggested to seat the bead and then left one side seated removed the tube and then re tried it worked better after that. Ironically the steel beaded non tubeless ready tire sealed up easier than the folded tubeless ready tire. I wonder if Folding tires are more likely to stretch the bead then steel beaded non folding
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