Ribble Sportive 7046 Curved

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Hi all,

Just in the process of speccing a new bike and I've come across the Ribble Sportive 7046 Curved frame, which I really like the look of: http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-t ... ibbfrar269

I've been trying to find more information about it/reviews but there seems to be a very limited amount of literature on it on Google.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/opinions/experience of the frame and wouldn't mind sharing them.
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    The problem is that if you ask any 10 cyclists for an opinion, you will get 10 different ones and all of them right, apparently.

    The Ribble website do publish full geo data (took me a while to find the links as they don't colour them) so at least you can compare against your Allez since Spesh also publish full geo. I suspect the headset is slightly taller on the Ribble and the effective TT a bit longer, as would be the wheelbase...but that would be pure guess work by me.

    Performance wise, there can't be that much difference between the Allez and the Ribble frames so it might be worth looking at why you want to change...
  • The Allez is actually too small for me, it's a 54cm frame and I'm 6ft so that puts me more at 56cm.

    I'd also be putting 105 on it as an upgrade from 2300.
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