Shimano SPDs - M785(trail) or M780(race)

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Does anyone have any preference between the Shimano 'trail' and 'race' pedals.

I have only riden the trail M530's and they are ok, but I am just about to order a Canyon and will get order some pedals with it; it will be either of the XT models I go for.

Does anyone think there is a significant benefit from the cage? I ride a lot of rocky areas round in the Dales and my current cages have lots of bashes on - so i can only assume the cage saved my foot from getting a bashing. I personally prefer the look of the none cage pedals more though and they weigh less.

Thanks for your help.
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  • Race. Always
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    Only benefit of having the cage is it gives the pedal a little protection. I only bought the XT trail pedals because they were cheaper at the time.
  • Hi Chunkers,

    How come you say they race? Or is it a sum of many parts?

    I am keen to get the weight saving too - 40g per pedal is not much on paper but multiplied over the course of a ride it will soon mount up so I am keep to keep weight down.
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  • If you have stiff shoes, once clipped in the trail part is redundant. Some say it helps them clip in, but I'm not at all convinced, I clip in fine with race ones always.
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    If you have stiff shoes, once clipped in the trail part is redundant. Some say it helps them clip in, but I'm not at all convinced, I clip in fine with race ones always.

    I agree that it doesn't help clip in at all and it doesn't give any support. It still gives some protection once clipped in but it would take a big pedal strike to damage a pedal.
    I doubt you would ever notice the weight difference.
  • I guess so. I never have a problem clippng in anyway so will give them a go I think.

    I currently have Shimano XC30 shoes which are quite, but not completely stiff but I am sure will be stiff enough. Thanks for your help
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  • Just got a set of M780 race pedals after help from this forum, my first experience of spd's. I had concern's of geting clipped in etc but can honestly say they are no trouble at all, and once clipped in with a fairly stiff shoe (I have Shimano M088's) I dont think you would notice a difference between trail or race.
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  • The cages are supposed to allow you some "unclipped-in" support, but IME no SPD shoes have soles soft enough to get any grip on the cages.

    On technical stuff this can lead some riders to not clip in resulting in nasty shin injuries when their feet slip off

    They are better than the one-sided jobs though as those are just always the wrong way up (regardless of if you are wearing flats or spds)
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    I spent years on 520s (and on 535s before that) but got 530s instead recently. Tbh I was very dubious, but they really do make it easier to clip in, in my case. Any extra support they offer is negligable and riding on them unclipped is best avoided, but I would still get them for the added ease of finding them with the cleat.
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    The shimano cage is so small it doesn't even help that much when un lipped, if you want a proper cage the mallets are good, but way to heavy for your needs, go race
  • Excellent, thanks everyone. Ordered the race in the end...just got to wait for Canyon to deliver now :)
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