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'D' Lock advice, help wanted

pinnopinno Posts: 40,133
edited December 2013 in The Crudcatcher
See, I woz finking of going back to skool innit 'cos i'm so fick like but wot gets me is that i 'ave 'erd that people do nick yer dustcaps and let yer tyres down.
I 'ave decided to defend my bike wiv a D lock but it raises a number of questions like innit:

How many times can I bash some cnut over the head wiv a D lock before it faws to bits?
Can the rozers te from an imprint in someone's coconut that A) It was a D lock wot dunnit and B) It woz my D lock wot dunnit?

I wish life wozn't so complicay id.
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


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