Video training systems

Paladin0414 Posts: 2
Been looking around at the various video/virtual training systems and liked the look of this one...
Has anyone tried this or have any info or comment.
Thanks in advance


  • njee20
    njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Clearly this is your very thinly veiled spamming attempt...

    Personally... Don't get it. Doesn't look like it works with power, so it's missing the best training data. They're not proper rides or structured sessions, just local rides around your/his house. Why would you pay to sit on a turbo for 3 hours doing a slow loop of someone's local riding?

    Trainer road or Sufferfest every time for me.
  • Have you seen Trail Trainer? Those are actual mountain bike trails. Good stuff. Read about it here:
  • njee20
    njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Just as bad, in both your ridiculous spamming efforts and the uselessness of the product.
  • I am the owner of Trail Trainer. We're not trying to spam. This thread is directly related to our product. We're just getting started up and would love to know why you might find our product useless. Have you tested it out? We'd be willing to set you up with a demo to try for you to really see if it is useless or not. Thank you for your time.