New to the Road

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i have been mainly mountain biking for the last few years, but i am now wanting to transition to the road.

the only problem i have is i am 6ft 8.

i am looking for some people to point me in the right direction with regards to sizing or materials that can take my weight.

no budget as of yet.
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so im grabbing my bike and going for a ride


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    So, if you are concerned about weight limits then you will need to specify what you weigh, you could be 6'8 and built like Froome :)
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    I am a bit over 6ft6 and weight 220 pounds or about 100kg. Unless you are much heavier you shouldn't have many problems. My Mountain bike is a 23" Specialized Carve.

    From the Trek Website :- ... tionid=104

    I have a 62cm Trek 1.5 which I picked up in the sales which fits me fine, they also do a 64cm bikes. The upgrades I have made are for a wider saddle as the original was too narrow which made it painful after an hour or so and also better brakes as again at my weight the original brakes were very poor even in the dry. Also I have flipped the stem into the upright position which gives me the riding position I want with only an inch of drop from the saddle to the handle bars. You may want a more race orientated position and have more drop but I just want to cycle for hours at a time in comfort.

    Road bike fit needs to be a lot more accurate than on a mountain bike , height is just a starting point. If you look at various websites they will show you how to measure yourself up for a road bike. People are not always in proportion so having relatively shorter legs may mean a smaller frame size even if you are tall.A good local bike shop will be able to help you out but make sure you test ride any bikes before buying as some shops will try and fit you onto a bike that is too small or not be fully aware of which bikes are available in bigger sizes.