Ryde Adrenalin Wheels

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I am looking for a lighter set of wheels for my bike considering both new and 2nd hand. Saw the ryde adrenalin wheels for sale at on one for £140 odd for a set reduced from £500 odd . They seem ideal for what I am after , however never heard of the make and perhaps question their quality . So has anyone got any experience of these wheels ? Are they good are just too much of a "good deal" to be true ? I ride mainly XC in kent the odd trip to trail centres I don't consider myself to be an aggressive rider and am perhaps carrying a bit too much middle age spread !!


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    for the money they are hard to beat - they are not £500 wheels though, alternative is

    http://superstar.tibolts.co.uk/product_ ... cts_id=496
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    Take a look at these too -

    http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/WPWHP26/se ... b-wheelset

    Use code UKWHEELS15 for 15% off, today only!
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    Agghh the pressure of making the right choice :?

    With that discount code the planet x selcofs come to £118 which for a set of wheels that weigh 1550g is pretty amazing value, as long as they don't fall apart the minute I go over something bigger than a twig.. I have used Planet X's own brand model B's on my road bikes for years, with no issues, so I trust their quality and guess they would not sale a duff set of wheels.

    my fingers are inching over to the add to basket button...
  • would the selcofs take a 10 speed cassette ?
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    Indeed they would! I'm getting a pair at that price for the zaskar!
  • Sold selcofs it is ! Thanks for your assistance
  • Well the Selcofs arrived today good service from Planet X, HOWEVER according to my scales, they do no weigh the claimed 1550g !!! as per the Planet X website, more like 1700g Plus.

    I appreciate I have only paid £119 odd for these wheels, but i got them for the weight claimed, which would appear to be wrong but some degree, these are hardly any lighter than the wheels i intended to replace, so likely to be returning these back to Planet X

    Sonic did you order yours ? if so have they arrived, perhaps weigh yours and let me know the weight of them?
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    Is that including any skewers? I ended up missing out on them unfortunately.
  • Yes that is without QR and rim strips as they don't appear to come with any ! (strips that is) i weighed them on some kitchen scales (hard !) and also a digital hanging fishing type scale, both came out with similar weights, the front around 740gr and the rear around 1000gr so a total of around 1740gr I dont mind and would expect +/- some gramms even perhaps 10 or 20 but nearly 200 is a bit much considering the advertised weight.
    At around 1740gr its still a good weight I suppose, but not what i paid my money for :(
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    Still mis sold, I'd be sending them straight back too.
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    That is a big difference in terms of weight of a wheelset, 1750 is merely good, 1550 is very good, and a bit naughty really as the build weight should be well known. I note that despite the weight claim it appears to have plain gauge spokes and despite being listed as 24H rear and 20H front the spec sheet lists 24 spokes on both wheels, not that Planet-X website has ever been anything but flakey!

    That 1740g is heavier than my alloy rimmed and plain gauge (32) spoked wheelset I 'built' (re-rimmed) myself.

    That is a very big weight difference between front and rear wheels, the rear hub usually only adds about 100g (maybe a little more for a steel freehub as it is Shimano hubs, but not 260g!
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    My Rydes do look nice and feel much lighter than my Superstar Tesla/pacentis.

    Hard to tell how good they are. Tried fitting a rubber queen but was so tight I had to give up before I smashed them to pieces and sat there ever since.
  • I like mine. I've no experience with the Superstars or any other offerings from On One or Merlin, and at around 60kg I'm not exactly a heavyweight, but the Adrenalins ride well, feel fast and look pretty good. I'm inclined to agree that they aren't £500 wheels, mind