Knee + shin pad

Tom Barton
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I don't know what it is with my current tyres (Hans Dampfs) but the past few rides I've been on I've had a couple of fairly good sized rocks hurled at my shins when at full flight downhill. Whilst I can man up enough to ignore the pain and finish my run I have none the less been left with a few beautiful bruises afterwards.

I wear the 661 knee pads and am due a replacement set soon as the sides of mine are ripping and wearing out. I've seen these:$ja=tsid:46412|cgn:661+-+Body+Armour|cn:Chain+Reaction-UK-PLA-PLA-All-DT-SE|kw:407223UK_661+Rage+Knee/Shin+Guards+2014&gclid=CP3Zmr-h0bsCFa3KtAodQH8APg

Anyone used them and what ya think from a comfort and protection point of view? Anything else anyone might recommend me having a look at?

(Enduro rider, riding a mix of some natural trails, an occasional spot of DH and quite alot of trail centres).

Thanks all!

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