Ahh what bike struggling...Gift given.

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I am looking to spend wisely and have a few options i am looking at....what do you guys think is the best value bike?

The problem I have is height, i will need a 16" frame, so rules out the voodoo range so looking for superb alternatives. i have £600 to spend and really fancied a rockrider 8.1 but i have seen some other bikes on sale.

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/commencal-supernormal-2-hardtail-bike-2012/rp-prod66764 plus £50 off


http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/vitus-bikes-zircon-ii-hardtail-bike-2013/rp-prod81012 plus £50 off

or a better alternative of your choice... :mrgreen:

or if anyone is feeling very helpful you could help me get the best bang for my buck,...prize for most helpful!


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    You're in exactly the same situation I was in a few weeks ago.

    In terms of new bikes, of the three you linked the Commencal is a fantastic bike, especially with such a huge discount(!!) but I would advise looking second hand - places like eBay, Gumtree, Pinkbike and the FS section on here will be loaded with bikes, especially just after Christmas! You should be able to pick up equivalent specs or better for a few hundred quid cheaper - much reasonable price if you're just getting into the sport like I was. As an example, I managed to get a 2012 Trek 6300 in damned good condition for £350, with an equivalent spec to the Commencal you've found.

    Some good brands to look at second hand, from my own research, would be GT Avalanche range, Orange G-series, Trek 5/6 series, and Kona - they make some cracking budget bikes. Spec wise, you should expect to be able to get RS Recons or above (don't bother with Suntour at this price, while they're not bad forks and have some good budget forks you can get better for your money at this price point, I'd actually try and avoid anything lower than the Recons), along with a Shimano Deore/SRAM X5 or above drivetrain.
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    Planet X, http://www.planetx.co.uk, are having a big sale on at the moment, on Monday 30th December they should be reducing their complete bike prices further, have a look at the on one 456 evo... In my opinion better than the bikes you've listed and they have a good spec, plus its a British brand.
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    That's a good point actually, completely forgot about On-One. 456 is a lovely frame! Cotic might also be worth a look, the BFe in particular.
  • Superb lads...

    Its the small frames I am struggling with did really want a Voodoo especially after all the rave reviews,its a total minefield, I have spent the best part of a month looking at so so many bikes.. I was a second away from buying the Rockrider yesterday then I thought I would wait for the sales..Dont want to miss out on that superb bargain. I know a lot of the smaller frames are always left over so they heavily discount them hence the great deal on the Commencal.

    Planetx is somewhere I have not looked at, have trawled gumtree and ebay but a bit wary with pre owned as I dont know what to look for in terms of damage or leaks n stuff.

    Been monitoring the Scott scale 960 incase it gets a decent discount on a small frame.
  • ow no more options! That is a superb bike for that price, Excellent fork..

    Here I was going for the rockrider 8.1 adding a charge Spoon Saddle and some odi grips.... matching grey and aqua! :D

    I am back to square one looked at so so so many bikes and options..... lappiere Raid 329 ,£500 http://www.bestbikeproducts.com/m1b37s2p3564/LAPIERRE-Raid-329-2013/RS_GB/14121
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    The fork on the Cannondale is actually pretty naff for the money, the RR 8.1 is actually better spec'd than the Cannondale! Fork on the Raid is also pretty crap compared to the 8.1/Commencal although Lapierre frames are great, but they only have L/XL in stock anyway :P
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    That La Pierre has a truly horrible fork. The Cannondale just a fairly iffy one.

    The Commencal has a good fork, as has the Rockrider. The Vitus is pretty good as well. At this price I'd be buying based on fork, as that's going to make the biggest difference to the ride.
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  • See not a Clue.

    I am sticking with the RR8.1 add some new tyres,saddle and grips.. Jazz it up :lol:



  • Cookeh
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    I would still have a look around at 2nd hand tbh, might save yourself a few quid :p If you aren't comfortable with that then the 8.1 is a well regarded bike for the money!
  • Just had a quick look buddy and seen this> might even haggle and get it down to 200! and a 16" yes..

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    Well reviewed bike again, but the forks are mediocre. That said, you could buy a 2nd hand fork plus that bike and still have £100+ left over.
    Take a look on pinkbike.com, at least you know the owners there are into riding and so the bikes should be in good nick!
  • Yea i was thinking a wee bike / fork upgrade combo for £450 total. Get a good fork for £250

    would these fit/work? Marzocchi Marathon R
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    Im not too familiar with Marzocchi tbh! Ideally though you'll want air sprung and around 120mm of travel. Merlin or chainreactioncycles have some stonking deals in their sales atm. Look for RS Recon Gold air or better :)
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    Marathon R is a very good fork. Nothing wrong with Suntour Epicons at this price either.
  • Perfect lads..

    so to round up?

    will i go for the brand new Rockrider with my saddle,grip, tyres upgrade..... total £650

    or try for the Kraken, with new Marathon R and some grips....£430 then save the rest for some future upgrades..

    which frame would be better in the long run?
  • Thanks again for everyone's Input been superb.

    Waiting for the Rookie, hear he enjoys a Kraken....and a few upgrades..