What bike specific tools do I need

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I want to start doing any work/servicing on my bike myself, but I'm a little unsure what I need that is specific to bikes only.
My bike is a Cannondale Synapse (Sora), specs can be found here http://www.cyclesuk.com/50973/products/ ... -bike.aspx

I already have a vast arsenal of spanners, Allen keys, screwdrivers etc, and an oil filter chain wrench which I hope can be used as a whip for the cassette.

The BB is listed as FSA in the above link, but I'm sure I've seen it listed as FSA/BB30. I don't know if there's any difference, so a bit confused as to what to get.

Other areas i (think) need help with tools are, crank removal, hub stripping, headset bearings and torque wrench (what range is needed)

I'm hopIng to do a full strip down and re-grease everything



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    You'll need a chain tool (breaker/joiner) at some point.

    A low range torque wrench covers most things (I have a Norbar that does 1-20 Nm), but you'll need a second, bigger wrench if you want to torque things like the crank bolt:


    The best thing is probably to make yout first purchase a maintenance book like Zinn, which will tell you what you need for any task:

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zinn-Art-Road-B ... 1934030988
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    with that crankset the actual bb will be a square taper one, threaded (it's possible the bb shell may be bb30 or pf30 with adaptors to use the threaded bb)

    for square taper you'll need a crank extractor to remove crankset for servicing, for instance...
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/bbb- ... p-prod4939

    to get the actual bb out you'l' need a bb tool to match, possible two if the frame is bb30/pf30 and they've used adaptors (the adaptors are likely to rotate, so you'd need to hold both ends of the fsa bb to unscrew it), might be this type...
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/park ... -prod27037

    best way it to have a look at the bb and see what it looks like, you shouldn't need to remove it for a long time, but if it is screwed directly into the frame it may be worth taking it off, putting some antiseize on the threads and refitting, then in 2-3 years it shouldn't have corroded into place!

    a cassette lockring tool, shimano style

    as above, a chain tool, fitting a kmc re-usable link now will make it easy to remove/refit the chain for cleaning/servicing

    hubs are probably cup & cone, so some cone spanners for them, if you've got some thin spanners you may be ok

    a 12" ruler for checking chain wear, much better than chain measuring gadgets

    later on, a decent pair of cable/housing cutters
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    Thanks for the ideas. I had thought about a book earlier when I saw another thread about them, can't go wrong for a shade over £10.
    I have to get a look at the bb and see if I can figure out what I need for it.

    Thanks again