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so as its Christmas i thought i would treat my bike to a set of new tires and thought i would go for the Continental Gatorskins. i was told by the people in the LBS that these would be great and have amazing puncture resistance and my Schwalbe Lugano were looking a little tatty to say the least so i walk away with shiny new tyres.

after 1000 miles my luganos had a few cuts and digs but i had no flats at all..... i fit my new tyres and set off home from work. 9 miles later i am standing at the side of the road with a thorn stuck in my front tire laughing to my self at the last thisng the bike shop said "you will have no worries at all with these"

am i just unlucky or are these tyres not what they say on the tin????


  • Unlucky.
    Swear by them and tried all sorts.
    True, other tyres are lighter, but few offer less rolling resistance, and in spite of your experience it's about the most puncture resistant tyre out there. Remember.. nothing slows you down like a puncture.
  • I pulled a thorn out of my front tyre last week which could have masqueraded as a 6 inch nail , otherwise the gators have been bulletproof and you have just been unlucky.
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    The problem at the moment is the combination of strong wind and the rain which blow and wash loads of crap onto the road.

    But my first p*nct*re in ~6k miles happened earlier in the year when I ran over a nail that went straight through my tyre and tube. Sometimes you're just unlucky like that! I was particularly annoyed as I missed the chain gang because of it.. Oh and £35 on a new tyre was a bit annoying too!
  • I hate flats.
  • I hate flats.

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