Best Turbo Trainer to go for?

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I'm new with all the turbo's.
I was just wondering what others think are the best ones to go for and their experiences?
And is it worth using a second rear wheel, cassette and tyre?
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  • rjh299
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    I've only ever used my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and find it very good. Good natural road feel and resistance is done using your gears. I have separate wheel with a trainer tyre for it, wouldn't want to use my road wheel and no way am I changing tyres over each time. It takes enough inspiration just to use the trainer, swapping tyres would put end to it before I even began!
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    Best advice i can offer is to borrow one if at all possible before worrying too much about specific models. Turbos are not for everyone and I reckon there is a high percentage of them bought and used a few times before a good storage location is found for them around the house!

    For what its worth I have a Cyleops Jet Fluid Pro which seems to do the job and is well regarded.

    Depending on where you are planning on using it, you are likely to also need to allow for buying a floor mat, sweat 'thong' to protect the frame and riser block to hold the front wheel securely in place.

    To start off with, I would suggest there is no need to buy a dedicated wheel or tyre. That may change is you really get into using one on a very regular basis but give yourself a bit of time to figure that one out.

  • I've had a Cyclops Magneto for over 7 years and it is excellent. As a bike comes with gears I can not see the logic in buying a more expensive one with a separate resistance control. It has a lifetime guarantee also. Fluid ones may be a bit quieter, but overall I'm very happy with it.
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    Elite Chrono Mag, 5 remote tension levels excellent for all types of work outs and not really noisy, cost about £120 on offer at Wiggle etc.
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    I have the cycleops magneto too, would recommend. No dicking around with stupid resistance settings, just get on and let the suffering begin.
    Cheap at evans at the moment too, £120
  • good,To start off with, I would suggest there is no need to buy a dedicated wheel or tyre. That may change is you really get into using one on a very regular basis but give yourself a bit of time to figure that one out.fGm5
  • As others have said; just pick something cheap up and give it a go.

    I spent a fortune on a Tacx Fortius to begin with and used it only a few times before selling it. I managed to buy myself a very cheap 2nd hand Tacx Satori a year back and have used this increasingly over the last year, even though it's an 'inferior' turbo. To me it doesn't matter what turbo you have, if it's setup right then it should have enough resistance to make life hard enough for you. I currently use a SS bike and don't change any components when it's mounted.
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    another CycleOps user here, this time a Fluid 2. Has been great but I would agree that it isn't for everyone and motivation can sometimes be hard to come by. Also agree that a separate trainer wheel is a good idea, as it can mean less wear to your road tyres. Planet X seem to be selling a cheap rear wheel as a "turbo trainer wheel" at the minute.

    I found that riding along to downloaded training vids (like those available from the Sufferfest) make all the difference, so if you can set up an ipad or laptop in front of your bike it does help enormously IMHO. I see similar training vids are now available for free on YouTube now. You also need a big fan as you will sweat a lot (so the towelling bike thong to protect your bike is another good idea).
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    be quick and get the £75 jobbie that Halfords have on sale or the Satori from Decathlon. Both will be ok but the Satori is a cracking deal IMO as it includes mat and block etc. Buy one of these and if you don't like using the turbo you will get your money back if you sold it on later. ... 64386.html