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cycling buddy

hi all im in Swansea and looking for a cycling buddy go on rides and train for sportive I . go out cycling mid week I cant make weekend I work on weekends for the event I book time off so I hope you interested :roll: :P :?: :evil: 8)
and due to the dark night I do go to gym and go on spin :roll:


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I think they are a few smileys that you haven't used yet.

    Why not join a club? There are a few around Swansea and many will have a midweek ride that will get you out on routes that are new to you. You will also get to learn how to ride in a group, etc., which may keep you out of trouble on your sportive (some of the standards of riding I have seen on sportives is downright dangerous and it is good to be able to recognise this and avoid).
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