Raleigh Airlite 100SE VS B'Twin Triban 3

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I'm looking to get a road bike for my commute and fun for under the £300 mark after finally getting sick of my heavy vintage racer. I commute about 8 miles round trip a day. I've been looking at specialized allez 2nd hand but am struggling to find one I can trust will be OK. As for new bikes i cant decide between the Raleigh Airlite 100SE £299 or B'Twin Triban 3 £299 which is the better bike, i know the Raleigh is normally a bit more but there seems to be a lot of good reviews about for the Triban...Any help please?
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  • What's your vintage racer?

    £300 doesn't get you a lot of bike new. End of. You get what you pay for. There will only be so much difference between the two (the Triban is the subject of much hype) but the Triban is highly rated by many, and does look to be one of the best choices at that price range (for a new bike). Don't get hung up as so many do about fork material - it doesn't matter as much as many say it does (the geometry of the bike is much more influential on ride characteristics) - and if you like the bike then it's irrelevant.
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    The Triban 3 comes with carbon forks and is highly rated by a lot of newcomers to riding. Whilst the Raleigh is highly discounted i personally wouldn't bother with it. Several colleagues at work have Triban 3s for commuting and swear by them. Best thing to do is see if someone you know has one and try it. The Spesh is ok but you pay for the name even 2nd hand.

    The current Triban 3 White does NOT come with carbon forks. Only the Triban 3 Red does, which is the outgoing model and has been since the summer, so may be impossible to get hold of, still worth a call to a store, as they can see stock in the warehouses in France.
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  • Have a look at Rutland cycles sale. They have some good discounts on entry levels bikes eg Formes, Genesis Volant 00. If you can stretch your budget a bit they have the Moda Intro for IIRC c. £400 which with full Tiagra looks a steal.