Ultegra 6800 front derailleurs on 6700 shifters

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Hi all, after an unfortunate minor crash it seems like my front derailleur needs to be replaced. I was wondering if i can replace my FD with the new Ultegra 6800. My current setup is 6700 all throughout.

many thanks


  • I can not see a reason why not,
  • Which begs the question. Why not a 6700 mech?
  • majormantra
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    I don't think it will work as I think the pull ratio for front shifting is different for 6800. Certainly, the derailleur geometry is quite different. I don't know if anyone has tried it though.
  • Valy
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    Heard the same - different pull ratio on front on 6800 vs 6700. TBH it most likely will work but might not be as good if paired with the right ratio. FWIW I use a 5700 front mech with 2300 shifters okay and works.
  • cmhill79
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    Email Shimano. In my experience they respond very quickly and you aren't going to get much better info than from the manufacturer themselves.
  • majormantra
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    Yes, but Shimano will always insist that old and new are incompatible, even when they work fine.
  • thats my fear.. theoretically it should work but i just want to be sure. The reason why i want to use 6800 is because Im thinking of gradually updating my drivetrain to 6800, and since the FD is starting to give.. thats a good place to start.
  • majormantra
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    It's most economical to buy a full groupset though (PBK was doing them for £420 with a code until yesterday, which very nearly broke my resolve). Why not just get a cheap FD to tide you over? You should get a decent one in the classifieds for a tenner or so.
  • that can also be an option.. a part of me is just curious thats all and i cant find any information about this in the internets..