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Help with Rapha Pro Team Race Cape Sizing

relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
edited December 2013 in Road buying advice
Looking at buying myself the Rapha Pro Team Race Cape, but need help in the sizing if possible please, I am 5' 11", 32 inch waist, 38 inch chest, weigh 65kg.
Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.


  • medium, im 42 inch chest and top end of a large. going to small would make back too short.
  • FatTedFatTed Posts: 1,205
    Why don't you email Rapha and ask them?, You could order a small and medium and send back the one that does not fit.
  • I would look to go a size larger than normal, or consider the Rain Jacket. I am 6' and have the large, it's an excellent jacket, but as the name suggests, it's for racing...or for when you go on a 2hr blast and don't need to stop off. It is a very close fit, a jersey underneath is all you can wear, also it is bloody warm, cold,wet days are no problem for this jacket. The only problem is it's limited use, the Rain Jacket is cut looser and much more versatile. Saying that, I wouldn't swap mine, because on those days when I do wear it, it's pure luxury.
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