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Anyone had any dealings with Canyon bikes.
Ive been looking at the new Ultimate CF SLX range and I like what I see and the prices.Only trouble is they are a German brand that seem to sell mail order only.Are the frames made in Germany or the far east and can any riders out there that own a Canyon recommend them.I was thinking of a LOOK Bike but,who knows?


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    Made in the Far East, much like almost everything else out there. Don't let that put you off as they're solid and offer fantastic value for money on their full builds.
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  • Yes,they seem great value for money and I know that there are great bikes made in the far east also.Its just that I cant seem to find any owner that can give a valued opinion on this brand.
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    you could do a lot worse than Canyon. brilliant bikes and great vfm. give them a ring, they speak english. I was in the factory shop in Koblenz a few months ago when a friend bought a mtb there. sales and service are very helpful. problem is its hard to get to sit on one unless you know someone who owns one already.
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  • Try the search function on this forum, plenty of threads about them in both the MTB and Road sections.
  • I ordered a cf slx on week 46 with a week 52 delivery date. Everything ran smoothly, emails answered quickly, no problems with payment ect. The bikes in tamworth at moment ready for delivery tomorrow.
  • Hi Casatikid,

    Here's a link to my post earlier in the year about my new Canyon:


    Hope that helps!

  • I've just ordered an Ultimate CF SL 9.0 and so far the service has been excellent. Put my measurements into their system but wasnt quite sure about a few things so rang them up. Spoke to a German guy who spoke better english than me and he actually said he I'd be better going for a large rather than the medium I was about to order. Good communications so far, counting down the days until it arrives in April........
  • Thanks all.Some food for thought?