Cut chain too short

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I've cut a new shimano hg53 9 sp chain too short

Can I use quick links to add more links?

I'll be using them to connect the chain as well



  • smoggysteve
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    if you do. make sure both links are as far apart as possible so only one is under tension at any time.

    best getting a replacement pin to heal the gap properly tbh
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    Yeah it's fine, I've run a chain with 3 links in it for a fair few miles.

    As he says, just keep them not immediacy adjacent
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    if you do. make sure both links are as far apart as possible so only one is under tension at any time.

    Any particular reason? As the old saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Now, I would guess that the quick links certainly aren't the weakest links (logically they would be relatively over-engineered) but even if they were, one quick link isn't going to affect the strength of the other. If a chain is going to break at a particular quick link, it will break at that quick link irrespective of whether or not there is another one nearby.

    Besides, if you are this worried about a quick link, you probably shouldn't be using them!
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  • I did the same recently when I changed a chainring size by 4 teeth and automatically took out two links only to realise that the chain was two links too short before so I've had to refit the two links I took out. I used a KMC missing link, so each of the two missing links is separated by only two original chain links.

    The way I see it is that I've driven thousands of miles on KMC missing links so why should I not be confident to have two of them in a chain?
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    You can re-attach the cut off part of the chain, you just need to make sure when you push the rivets in that you don't cause a tight spot. Easy way to do it is to push the rivet through then turn the chain and push the rivet back just a fraction
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    Most 9/10/11 chains use a swaged rivet - driving it out opens-out the hole in the sideplate and therefore you should not attempt to re-join it as it is likely to fail
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    Cheers folks

    Job done