Dawes Equinox as first road bike £250?

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Hi all, I'm getting started in the Duathlon world in the new year and so am looking for my first road bike.

From what I've read, with my budget of £230 max, new bikes such as the Viking range are not any good; so I've been looking at 2nd hand. The Triban 3's look really good but there aren't any close enough to collect or the seller isn't willing to courier.

I saw this on ebay,

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dawes-Equinox ... 6917288%26

and am basically looking for any guidance on its merit as my first bike. I'm not expecting to win anything of course, but am fit and will train hard so would like the opportunity to at least not humiliate myself!

Any help gratefully received, thank you.


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    How tall are you thats a pretty big framesize..
  • Hi,
    I'm 6ft 1/2"
  • I think the Dawes Equinox is a Reynolds 531 bike. If so, then I'd say £250 is very steep. I have a 1994 Dawes Impulse (22.5 inch) and I'm 6ft 2in. With the saddle at a reasonable height, it suits me perfectly. I would say going for a 25 inch frame (which is what it looks like it is) would be too big for you. I'd pay £150 for one in very good condition, but £250 is silly money, IMHO.
  • Ok, that's helpful advice and ill heed it. There are plenty of good ones I spot but then I notice they are too far and won't courier, which is fair enough I guess. Will keep looking! Thanks again.