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Ultegra Derailleur

neilg7777neilg7777 Posts: 142
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Hi all at the moment my bike has a Ultegra sl Derailleur which has a maximum of a 27 cassette, I want to go to a 30 so need a new Derailleur can anyone recommend one. I have Ultegra shifters and a compact 34/50 at the front
Thanks Neil


  • You can run a 30 on a short cage, but you do need to replace the b screw for a longer screw.
  • The only bolt I had was a bit fugly but the customer was happy as he really didn't want to buy a new RD

  • Thanks for that I guess I will need t get a 30 cassette and have a play. I may also need a new chain
    Thanks Neil
  • The latest 10 speed Ultegra (6700) can take 30 teeth rear sprocket with the SS cage and 32 with the GS cage. As said up thread, you should get away with it but for future reference, it is worth knowing that a new rear mech will sort you out.
    I have only two things to say to that; Bo***cks
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