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Froome BBC Q&A

LutherBLutherB Posts: 544
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I missed the earlier parts but judging by what's below nothing much to miss i think...

In the final part of his Q&A with BBC Sport, Chris Froome offers a short, succinct answer to claims that modern technology has taken some of the intrigue out of modern cycling.

Are race radios making cycling boring?


Power meters, are they making cycling boring?


Was it strange to have [Sunday Times journalist] David Walsh hanging around the team last year?

Not at all, just another thing the team is doing to try and be open. We can't open our doors to every journalist, but David has got a history in the sport and is definitely not all trusting as we've seen from his previous work, and I think it was pretty good having him around.


  • Just wait till the QoS show he recorded this week, gets broadcast. ITS GOING TO ROCK :wink:
  • LutherBLutherB Posts: 544

    I wonder where the above ranks in the most rubbish Q&A's a pro has given?
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